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Daddy-Daughter Dance (Elementary School)!

Daddy-Daughter Dance (Elementary School)!

The video is about 7 minutes long and highlights many of the group participation games, activities and line dances that I incorporate into youth type events. I have to hand it to these Dads as they didn’t slow down the entire night!

This video really showcases my up-lighting and how it transforms an entire room (their café) quite easily and into something quite different; a dance hall. It starts off with an empty Café, then with the lights cycling thru slow color fades. You’ll notice the colored Gobos (shapes and patterns) on the ceiling and the lasers projecting on the ceiling, walls and floor as well. That evening I only set up one mirror ball, but I do have two.

Also, I have updated my show with more lasers (blue and more green & red lasers) that do not appear in the video.

The video then shows the progression of the evening with the Limbo, YMCA, Gangnam Style, Chicken Dance, Hula Hoops, etc…until the final Daddy-Daughter slow dance to end the evening.

Here is one more link to a few more of my videos:…

The company name that appears on this page is DJ Simcha, which is my business. The word Simcha in Hebrew means party or celebration, so I market that web site to Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations.

I also have and and market those sites in kind.

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