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Connect with Ginny B!
Connect with Ginny B!

My love of photography comes from my love of people. When I look through my lens, I like to capture true expression, emotion and feeling.

I became hooked on photography when I was a teacher. I taught preschool, elementary and middle school students for 16 years. Through the years, I enjoyed watching my students grow and mature. By capturing them on film, it was as if I could capture a piece of their youth and energy and share it with the world. Every giggle, every twinkle of the eye and even every pout made me smile.

When my daughter was born in 2006, my dream became a reality. Not only was my family complete but the world became my pallet. I was a “stay-at-home” mom and had many hours to photograph my children.

One day my husband went out to pick up his shirts from the dry cleaner and came home with a new digital camera and a computer and said, “I believe in you.” Since that day, I have embraced the opportunity to capture people the way I see them through my lens. The sparkle in every smile I catch through my lens brings joy to my day.

Ginny B. Photography
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You not only capture the story, you capture the emotions that are present in those specific moments. Those moments are not only digital memories for the bride and groom to cherish forever, they are there for friends and family to remember and love too!

I’m honored to know Ginny B and refer her to all my clients. Ginny’s professional creativity and calming personality is why I stand behind Ginny B Photography.

I encourage you to call Ginny B, meet with her in her studio and see for yourself “what all the buzz is about.” You’re a great team player and I’m proud to call you a trusted Austin professional that I can refer with confidence.

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Ginny B. Photography Endorses: TimoDJ!

“Timo is an amazing DJ and Entertainer! Again, I just have to say that you were amazing!!!

It was truly one of the best parties I have had the pleasure of photographing because your energy was contagious and the kids had a blast! I have never seen a DJ put forth so much energy, enthusiasm and fun into any party.

I can always count on Timo to make every party a huge success. In fact, I’m often relieved when I hear that Timo will be the DJ at a party, because then I KNOW the dance floor will be packed!

THANK YOU for making my job that much easier and enjoyable.”

Ginny Belofsky, Owner
Ginny B. Photogrpahy
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