Project Description

djSimcha-Stuff IT! (Group Participation GAME)

The “Stuff IT! Game “DJ Simcha-Style” @ Bat Mitzvah!

3 Over sized (14 XXL) T-Shirts, balloons and a lot of “stuffing” insures a group participation game that is not only fun, but will create some pretty creative photographic moments!

This game works great whenever there is a need for a “Mixer”. And, a “Mixer” is a group participation activity that helps your guests get into the swing of the party by participating in an activity as a group, thus no spotlight is on an individual team member.

Yes, this activity cam be a VERY messy game. Just be sure to give one person on each team a big plastic bag for clean up. Then, make the act of cleaning up part of the game. You will be left with a clean dance floor and your banquet facility will love you for it!

Or, create some instant dance floor atmosphere, by not having the kids pop the balloons and leave them on the floor as part of the floor-decor for the evening.

Your DJ, Timo.DJ
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